Everyone lives by a code-a set of values. These values shape how we make decisions. A church is no different. The values we cling to shape our culture. They keep us on the right path as we seek to fulfill the vision and purpose God has set before us. They define the DNA of Opendoor Church.

We will be known as a church that loves.

We will not be known for what we are against, but rather what we are for. If people know nothing else about us, they will know that we love them and the people of our city.

We will always yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit wasn't just meant to convict us of sin but was meant to empower, equip, and guide the believer. We will walk in the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and will always remain sensitive to His guidance.

We know that continued life change happens in relationship.

Sitting in rows and attending a worship service are not enough to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Small Groups offer the opportunity to find freedom from our past. We want to be a catalyst for life change to see believers discipled and equipped.

We want to be people of integrity and consistency.

We will live a life above reproach. We will consistently refuse to compromise our faith for the desires of the world. We will be a bold demonstration of the love and compassion of God.

We seek to worship God passionately.

Opendoor is called to be a church that passionately worships God no matter what circumstances might hinder us. We will rise above and worship unashamedly.

We intentionally and willingly serve.

Jesus Christ demonstrated a life of servanthood. We will follow suit. We will serve not out of obligation, but because it is the character of Christ. Our service will reach from inside the church into our community and into the world.

We will operate in generosity.

To whom much is given, much is required. As we have been blessed, we will lead the way in generosity through our finances, going above and beyond what is needed. We are percentage givers and will do so with faith in God's provision.

We can only do what God has called us to do.

Because of that we will passionately pursue only the things that help us accomplish the mission God has set before us.

We will walk in honor.

We will live lives that honor those above us and below us. We believe in the potential inside of everyone and will treat others with humble respect.

We will be vision led.

We will be vision led and will consistently structure our church for where we are going, not just for where we are. We will maintain an attitude of learning and will lean into the wisdom from those ahead of us. We will plan for long term growth, not short term fixes.

We purposefully and intentionally invest in the next generation.

We are a generational house and we will spend time and resources to pour into the next generations. Our heart is to raise up and disciple passionate believers of Jesus Christ.

Reaching people far from God is our highest calling.

Reaching people far from God is the commission of Jesus Christ. It is our highest calling. It defines the way we do ministry and we will use any means necessary to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. Rather than run from culture, we will leverage it to connect with people and teach God's timeless truth.

You can learn more about our purpose and vision and how you can connect on the Growth Track, a set of four classes, held monthly, that will help you discover your God-given purpose.