March 31 - April 1

Join us this year for the annual Opendoor Men's Conference where you will enjoy great food, experience encouraging messages and worship, and connect with a community of men. No matter what your relationship with God looks like, we'll all grow together and learn what it means to be the men God has called us to be. We'll learn what it means to be a Godly man. To be stronger.

COST: Free

No Registration Needed!



7:00 PM      Doors Open

7:30 PM      Session 1

9:00 PM     After Party


8:30 AM      Doors Open

9:00 AM      Session 2

10:15 AM      Session 3

11:30 PM      Lunch & Special Activities

2:00 PM      Session 4

3:00 PM      Conference Ends

Common Questions

Will childcare be provided? 

Childcare will not be provided at the church during the conference.

What should I bring?

We encourage you to bring a Bible, a notebook, and a pen.

Will there be any extra fees, or is it really free?

All meals and snacks are included, so you will not need to purchase any meals. However, if you have food allergies or specific dietary needs, we encourage you to bring supplemental snacks.

Will meals be served during this conference?

We love great food at Opendoor and will have incredible food throughout the conference. We'll have food and drinks on Friday night after Session 1, breakfast Saturday morning before Session 2, and a huge lunch on Saturday. Come hungry!

If I can only attend one day of the conference, should I still come?

Definitely! While we believe attending the entire conference will be the best experience, even coming for some of it will still be beneficial. We'd love to have you join us!

Can I attend the conference even if I'm not a member or haven't completed the Growth Track?

Absolutely! Church membership and completion of the Growth Track are not required to attend the Men's Conference. We invite any guy wanting to grow in their relationship with God to come to the Opendoor Men's Conference!

I have already attended a Men's Conference in the past, should I plan to go this year?

Most definitely! We encourage everyone to attend whether you have gone to one every year or have never participated before. Not to mention, we think an annual weekend to gather with other men and grow in your relationship with God is always a good idea! 

May I invite others who do not attend Opendoor or go to church at all to attend the conference?

Please do! The Opendoor Men's Conference is designed for the men of Opendoor and their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family.

What is the typical age range of those in attendance?

The Men's Conference is for men ages 13+. We design the conference to be applicable and enjoyable whether you're a teenager or in your 90's.

Where is the Opendoor Men's Conference located?

We will meet in the Opendoor Church Auditorium as well as the lobby and outside for lunch and special activities.

2016 Men's Conference Media

Check out audio from last year's Men's Conference

Still have questions?

We'd love to help answer your questions. Get in touch with us.