Aaron & Lauren Kennedy

Aaron and Lauren serve as the Senior Pastors of Opendoor Church. Aaron's parents, Greg and Deana Kennedy, founded Opendoor in 1986, and in 2015 transitioned the leadership of the church to Aaron and his wife, Lauren. 

Building on the legacy that came before, Pastors Aaron and Lauren lead our Church Staff, providing guidance and direction for our church as a whole. With a passion to see people know God and walk in freedom, they continue to lead Opendoor to be a church known for genuine teaching, authentic faith, and passionate worship.

Aaron and Lauren have two children and live in the Greenville/Winterville area, where Opendoor Church began.


This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. Our Church Staff serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church.

Executive Church Staff


  • Nikki Bailey   email

    Executive Pastor of Education

    Nikki serves as the Executive Director of Opendoor Education, overseeing our weekday education programs. She leads our Child Development Center, Elementary School, and After School Programs. She has an incredible heart to see children discover their identity in Jesus Christ.

  • Michael Chandler   email

    Executive Pastor of Campus Development

    Michael serves as an Executive Pastor and is currently serving as the Online Campus Lead Pastor. Pastor Michael also serves as part of our Weekend Services teaching team and has a heart to see people discover their God-given purpose.

  • Josh Harrison   email

    Executive Director of Finance

    Josh serves on our Executive Team overseeing all finances and accounting with a strategic focus. Josh's attention to detail, wisdom, and heart to steward our resources well make him an incredible asset to the team and gift to the body of Christ.

  • Cori Bodette   email

    Executive Assistant

    Cori serves as the Executive Assistant to Pastors Aaron and Lauren and brings such a servant's heart to many administrative needs in our church. She loves caring for the needs of others and has an incredible desire to see people experience the love of Jesus.

  • Miriam Wamer   email  

    Executive Pastor of Creative

    Miriam serves as an Executive Pastor overseeing all Worship, Production, and Communication. Pastor Miriam has an incredible heart for the Church and believes that there is nothing more powerful than using our creative gifting for the Kingdom. 

  • Adam Widowski   email  

    Executive Pastor of Ministry

    Adam serves as an Executive Pastor overseeing all our Ministry teams including Small Groups, Kids, Youth, Young Adults, Guest Services, Pastoral Care, and Growth Track. Pastor Adam brings years of experience to the team and loves seeing people walk in a growing relationship with Christ.

Church Staff


  • Mary Beth Barefoot   email

    Worship Staff

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  • Miranda Braden   email  

    Children's Staff

    Serving on the Opendoor Kids team and helping write curriculum for the kids program is a dream come true for Miranda, especially being able to love and teach children about Jesus. Her passion for the kids of Opendoor help her lead many Dream Teamers to impact every child we serve.

  • Tyler Braden   email  

    Youth & Young Adults Pastor

    Tyler oversees our Opendoor Youth ministry for 6-12 grade. Pastor Tyler's passion for the next generation drives him to lead incredible teams that create environments where students can know God and find freedom.

  • John Conway

    Men's Pastor

    John serves as an Associate Pastor and is part of our Weekend Services teaching team. Pastor John's incredible gifting at communication and his passion to see people come to know Jesus brings a vital piece of our teaching team.

  • Theresa Golden   email  

    Communication Coordinator

    Seth’s role at Opendoor is two-fold: he leads all of the live production elements in our Weekend Services and oversees our IT department. Seth loves getting to find new and innovative ways to further the cause of Christ through technology and production.

  • Jake Haggard   email  

    Communication Staff

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  • Megan Holland   email  

    Communication Staff

    Megan cares deeply for every person who calls Opendoor home and her love to capture and share the stories of Opendoor make her a natural part of the Communication department. We love sharing what God is doing in our church and Megan helps make that happen!

  • Kara Hudson   email  

    Youth & Young Adult Coordinator

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  • Joy Kimbril   email  

    Accounting Staff

    Every day in Joy’s work of managing the church’s accounting involves new challenges to overcome. But her attention to detail and her care and concern for the people of Opendoor Church make her a great addition to our team in the area of Accounting.

  • Malik McCarter  email  

    Worship Staff

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  • Steve Miller   email

    Worship Staff

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  • Melissa Pearson   email  

    Pastoral Care Coordinator

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  • Rachael Pearson   email  

    Worship Staff

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  • Lanette Reed   email  

    Marriage & Family Pastor

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  • Sean Reed   email  

    Marriage & Family Pastor

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  • Gina Robinson   email  

    Women's Pastor

    Gina serves as an Associate Pastor, overseeing Small Groups, Opendoor Women, and Opendoor Young Adults. Pastor Gina thrives on seeing people in authentic community. She loves connecting with the people of Opendoor and seeing them find freedom in Small Groups.

  • Dusty Sims   email  

    Children's Pastor

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  • Tray Stepney   email  

    Worship Staff

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  • Kristi Widowski   email  

    Ministries Coordinator

    Haley serves in the area of Admin support and is often the first face you'll see if you come to the Opendoor Church Office. Haley's attention to detail ensures that each guest to Opendoor is connected and made to feel welcome.


Our Church Elders are a team whose lives reflect humility and holiness. Elders are selected by the Senior Pastor to provide care for the members of the church, provide wise counsel to church leadership, and assist church leadership in discipleship and equipping the church for ministry.

  • Dale Bailey

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  • Mark Barton

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  • Mike Benson

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  • Michael Chandler

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  • John Conway

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  • Jeff Dill

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  • Ronnie Harrison

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  • Elliotte Pearson

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  • Jimmy Robinson

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  • Jared Wamer

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  • Clark Stallings

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The Apostolic Elders are a team of experienced ministers whose purpose is to help evaluate the overall health of the church and of the Senior Pastor. They advise the pastoral leadership regarding the purpose and vision of the church.

  • Jimmy Witcher | Lead Apostolic Elder

    Senior Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church

    As the Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church, Pastor Jimmy leads a multi-campus church as well as Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches. Jimmy became the Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in 2012 after having served as an Elder since 2000.

    Before entering full-time ministry, Jimmy spent over 25 years in business, where he gained extensive leadership experience while managing product development, international sales, and corporate marketing. 

  • Brady Boyd

    Senior Pastor, New Life Church

    Pastor Brady Boyd has been the senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado since August 2007. New Life Church has multiple congregations that meet throughout the Colorado Springs area and is known for their worship music.

    Before New Life Church, Pastor Brady was a lay leader at Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, Texas; senior pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church in Hereford, Texas; and associate pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas under Pastor Robert Morris.

  • Dr. Frank Harvey

    Founding Pastor, Covenant Life Ministries

    Dr. Frank Harvey is the founder of Covenant Life Ministries, an international Apostolic network of churches and ministries. He and his wife Shirley pioneered New Covenant Church, in Clyde, North Carolina, in 1977 and remained as Senior Pastor there until January 2004. 

    Prior to the founding of New Covenant Church, Dr. Harvey received a Bachelor of Ministry and a Master of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology in Georgia. In 1998, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Christian Life School of Theology.

  • John Hobbs

    Founding Pastor, Maranatha Ministries

    Pastor John is the founder and president of Maranatha Ministries, an evangelistic ministry bringing support and ministry to pastors and the body of Christ for nearly 40 years. 

    In addition to Pastor John’s evangelistic ministry, he has pastored three nondenominational churches and been instrumental in planting two others and holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary.

    Today, Pastor John continues to travel, preach in churches and host Conferences, Retreats, and Camps through Maranatha Ministries.

  • Greg & Deana Kennedy

    Founding Pastors, Opendoor Church

    Pastors Greg and Deana Kennedy have served Opendoor Church faithfully since it's beginning in 1986, establishing it as a refuge for people needing hope and a training ground for the next generation of leaders. This passion for raising the next generation was never more evident than in 2015 when they transitioned the leadership of Opendoor Church to their son, Aaron. 

    Pastor Greg holds a Masters of Theology as well as an honorary Doctorate of Letters, among other degrees. Pastor Deana, a gifted leader, holds a Masters of Divinity, a Bachelor of Theology, and a Certificate for Non-Profit Management. 

    Together, they now provide oversight and wise counsel to not only the leadership of Opendoor, but many other pastors and leaders in the area.