Everyone lives by a code-a set of values. These values shape how we make decisions. A church is no different. The values we cling to shape our culture. They keep us on the right path as we seek to fulfill the vision and purpose God has set before us. They define the DNA of Opendoor Church.

We know church is for me, not about me.

It's about reaching people and serving others.

We might not be ok, but we won't stay that way.

It's about integrity and spiritual growth.

We are faithful with what God puts in our hand.

It's about excellence and stewardship.

We are better together.

It's about teamwork and being relationally centered.

We will be defined by our generosity.

It's about trusting God and being grateful.

We are a Spirit-filled church.

It's about hearing God and obeying what He said.

We are a generational house.

It's about honoring the past and investing in the future.

You can learn more about our mission and values and how you can connect on the Growth Track, a set of four classes, held monthly, that will help you discover your God-given purpose.