For many years, we have carried in our heart the dream that we would, at some point, have the opportunity to reopen wells that have been filled in by the enemy.

We have not only sensed this spiritually but have also sensed this physically as well. In our area and all over Eastern North Carolina, we see older church buildings sitting empty as church architecture has moved in a different direction and congregations have grown older. We see a generation of believers, who have given diligently of their resources (time, talent, and money), being forced out and, in some cases, having to embrace a style of worship that is foreign to them. For that, we honor them as they are receptive to something new and willing to believe in the next generation. However, we also feel it's time to prevent these buildings from sitting empty and, once again, fill them with life-giving churches. There is no better way to honor the past and a generation of believers than partnering with the dream God gave for these once vibrant houses of worship.

Our God is a restorer. Our God is a rebuilder, and our God opens doors that no one can shut.

A Message from Pastor AARON