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Waiting Expectantly
July 22nd, 2024
After trying to get pregnant for eight years, my husband and I conceived our second daughter, Annalee. As with most expecting parents, we spent a great deal of time discussing name ideas, researching meanings, and praying that God would lead us to the perfect name for our child....
July 19th, 2024
By Guest Author | Megan Wamer: Every summer, I’m home on break from teaching. For me, this is when life slows down, and I can pay more attention to things around the home. Because we are outside a lot during the summer, I am usually trying to make sure the landscaping looks “better.”...
A Quiet Place
July 17th, 2024
By Pastor Scott Conner: This week has been extremely noisy for me. A little over a week ago, we woke up to a leak in our upstairs bathroom. Water had seeped into the floors and walls, causing a lot of damage to a first floor hallway and into the garage. ...
The Armor of God
July 15th, 2024
By Joy Kimbril: I can’t count the number of times I have heard a message about the armor of God; but as I was reading this passage the other day in my quiet time, I feel like the emphasis has been placed on the pieces of armor and not necessarily what they represent. ...
What's Watering Your Root System?
July 12th, 2024
by Guest Author | Megan Wamer: Recently, I was a counselor at Opendoor Youth Camp, where the theme of our week was based on verses in Jeremiah. Much of what I want to share in this devotional with you comes from the speakers that week and notes I took....
Strength in Vulnerability
July 10th, 2024
By Miranda Braden: Nehemiah was afraid to appear sad in the presence of the king because cup-bearers were supposed to hide their emotions for the king's sake. To violate this was punishable by death....
Position Does Not Equal Identity
July 8th, 2024
By Elliotte Pearson (Elder): Recently I was out playing disc golf, an activity where I can enjoy some time with the Lord to talk through many things, when I felt like the Holy Spirit whispered a statement to me. He said, “Your position does not outweigh your function.”...
Trust Me, I've Got This
July 5th, 2024
OYC Devotional | Trust is a weird thing. From the moment we are born, we are actually forced to trust. A baby has no choice but to trust. Their entire existence is dependent on others taking care of them. They must be fed, held, put to sleep, and changed, because they do not have the ability to do it themselves....
Big Things Have Small Beginnings
July 3rd, 2024
OYC Devotional | Have you ever thought about trees? Probably not. That’s weird, right? (No offense intended to anyone who loves trees and thinks about them often.) Trees fascinate me. I love being in nature. Gazing up at towering trees truly takes my breath away. In California, there are trees so large you can literally drive a car through it. ...
Growth is Difficult
July 1st, 2024
OYC Devotional | When I was a kid, I remember thinking that all I wanted to do was grow up. I was the youngest of four siblings, and I would constantly look at them and see all the cool things they were able to do just because they were older. ...
Warring Worship
June 28th, 2024
By Theresa Golden: When we look around at the world today, we see evidence of war, not just the physical war that rages on foreign land but a spiritual war right here on our doorstep. This war wages against our culture, our families, our marriages, and our church. It threatens our children, our finances, even our minds. We have a responsibility not only to fight back but to wage war against the op...
Get Honest
June 26th, 2024
By Mary Beth Barefoot: What does it look like to be fully honest with God? Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading and journeying through the book of 1 Samuel. This book is one that I’ve loved reading over the years because it’s chock-full of stories of hope, restoration, and miracles. ...
June 24th, 2024
By Whitney Bailey: “Choices.” It was my only response. No second guessing but innate. It was the response I gave on a phone call I received from my dad. Upon answering, my dad went straight to the point, “What is my favorite word?” ...
The Hard Thing
June 21st, 2024
By Pastor Nikki Bailey: Conflict is inevitable. It’s always there, prowling, ready to divide and destroy relationships. Whether at home with a spouse or kids, the workplace, church, nations, or with a close friend, it will rear its ugly head, and how we deal with it will always show the condition of our heart....
Intimacy with God
June 19th, 2024
By Steve Miller: King David was known as “a man after God’s own heart.” I remember the first time I heard him described in this way; it was so inspirational to me. I wanted to be known like that too. I started asking myself, “How do I become a man after God’s own heart?” I had no clue! I prayed, “God, I want to be a man after Your heart. I don’t want to chase after anybody else’s heart other than...