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The Promise Keeper
by Theresa Golden on December 1st, 2023
By Theresa Golden: In days gone by, an oath could be sealed with a handshake; a gentleman’s agreement was binding by trust and respect.   Read More
Jesus, Our High Priest
by Joy Kimbril on November 29th, 2023
By Joy Kimbril: During the series on Hebrews, I wanted to read through the book of Hebrews along with the messages. As I was reading, I purposed to choose at least one verse from each chapter that stood out to me.  Read More
The Faith Chapter
by Christy Hubbard on November 27th, 2023
By Christy Hubbard: I once heard Hebrews 11 called “The Faith Chapter.” Hebrews 11:1 is one of the first verses that stuck with me when I recommitted my life to Christ as a young adult.   Read More
Thank You, God
by Theresa Golden on November 24th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Thanksgiving is a truly special time of year. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. Unlike Christmas, it’s not about being thankful for what we are given; it’s about being thankful for what we already have. And we have been given so much.  Read More
Passing the Baton
by Scott Conner on November 22nd, 2023
By Pastor Scott Conner: I was reminded at our TFAC meeting this week that a part of my ministry at Opendoor is to lean into the lives of younger staff and volunteers to encourage and train them to take on a greater portion of the ministry of the Opendoor family.   Read More
By Faith
by Elliotte Pearson on November 20th, 2023
By Elliotte Pearson: Hebrews Chapter 11 is considered the “faith chapter.” We start with a definition of what faith is and then we have examples of what that looks like throughout the Old Testament.   Read More
You've Got to Have Faith
by Theresa Golden on November 17th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: I’d like to think that I’m a woman of faith. In my prayers, I tell God I trust Him all the time....  Read More
Anchored Hope
by Mary Beth Barefoot on November 15th, 2023
By Mary Beth Barefoot: What words do you think of when you think of God? Do you think of the word Father? The word Friend? Joy? Peace? Wisdom? What comes to mind when you think of Him?  Read More
Our Most Important Resource
by Theresa Golden on November 13th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: A couple of years ago, our staff read the book Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie and also took a test to find out what our top five strengths were....  Read More
Waiting Impatiently
by Miranda Braden on November 10th, 2023
By Miranda Braden: There is always something we are praying for or against, that thing that weighs heavy on our heart. Loneliness, old shame, sickness, a new house, a better car, a reliable friend - What is that thing for you?   Read More
Be the Light
by Nikki Bailey on November 8th, 2023
By Pastor Nikki Bailey: Some of my favorite moments can be found on fall evenings after the sun goes down, sitting in front of a cozy fire with a blanket wrapped around my legs and a cup of coffee in hand.   Read More
Free to Commune
by Rachael Wynne on November 6th, 2023
By Rachael Wynne: The simplicity of the elements, the bread and the wine. The complexity of what Jesus really did when His body was broken for me. Nearly every verse I read in the book of Hebrews points me back to those things and reminds me of the power of communion and remembering what Jesus did.  Read More
Chasing Waterfalls
by Theresa Golden on November 3rd, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Peace - To some, it may mean a quiet ride in the car without children fighting or complaining. To others, it may mean sitting on a sandy beach with a good book.  Read More
Rest? How Do I Do That?
by Theresa Golden on November 1st, 2023
By Pastor Tyler Braden: A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to share on the topic of rest in our Hebrew series. I encourage you to go back and listen to it here if you haven’t already. The main focus of the message, and what we believe as followers of Jesus, is that Jesus is our Sabbath Rest.  Read More
Jesus the Priest-King
by Theresa Golden on October 30th, 2023
By Steve Miller: In the beginning, there was a garden, a beautiful garden where God and man shared a pure relationship with each other, just the way that God intended. We all know how that developed. From that point on, the Bible holds a litany of attempts by God to restore that relationship.  Read More
Standing on God's Promises
by Theresa Golden on October 27th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Parenting is a funny thing. We have an unspoken code of conduct that naturally forms within us without ever being taught. As smooth as we think we’re being, it doesn’t take long for our children to catch on.   Read More
Fight or Flight
by Theresa Golden on October 25th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Better together - we hear it spoken all the time. We see it on hashtags, tattoos, bumper stickers, and signs. In our hearts, we know it to be true...  Read More
My People
by Miranda Braden on October 23rd, 2023
By Miranda Braden: When my family relocated to North Carolina in 2011, it rocked me emotionally. I had barely been married a year, was pregnant with my first daughter, and my joy was under attack.  Read More
Flexing Our Faith
by Theresa Golden on October 20th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Some things in life come easy, and some are always a struggle. I’m sure you can think of a few things right off the top of your head. Maybe you’re on a health journey or you’re trying to strengthen a skill. Maybe you’re in school training for your future occupation. All of these are things that require daily hard work.   Read More
True Rest
by Jake Haggard on October 18th, 2023
By Jake Haggard: Life is filled with constant busyness and noise. We are bombarded by the demands of work, family, and the never-ending list of responsibilities that seem to grow longer with each passing day. In the midst of this chaos, it can be challenging to find true rest.   Read More
Through Pain, We Grow
by Pate Leigh on October 16th, 2023
By Pate Leigh: Have you ever heard the quote “pain and suffering are the greatest teachers?” If you’ve ever gone through a season of suffering, especially one that has lasted for an extended period of time, you’ll be able to easily relate to this idea.   Read More
Divine Detours
by Theresa Golden on October 13th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Life doesn’t always go as planned. The unexpected speed bumps in life can often send us spiraling, but God always has a plan. And His plan is always better than ours.  Read More
Strong and Trustworthy
by Meghen Haggard on October 11th, 2023
By Meghen Haggard: What do you do when life gets hard? As a staff, we recently attended a workshop that discussed our innate reactions when met with adversity to either blame, shame, control, or run.  Read More
No More Training Wheels
by Mike Adkins on October 9th, 2023
By Pastor Mike Adkins: The overarching theme of the book of Hebrews teaches us that Christ is superior to all. He is supreme in nature and authority. In the current season of my life, one of my daughter's, Logyn, is learning to ride a bike without her trusted training wheels.   Read More
Saving Sabbath
by Theresa Golden on October 6th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house....They lived in this grand, old Victorian house in the middle of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and some of the best memories of my childhood took place there. However, there was one thing I didn’t love...  Read More
Valley of Dry Bones
by Joy Kimbril on October 4th, 2023
By Joy Kimbril: I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time resting, sitting still, not striving, or trying to make something happen.  Read More
Jesus Gets Me
by Theresa Golden on October 2nd, 2023
By Christy Hubbard: My husband and I went through eight years of infertility before we conceived our second child. Anyone who has been through this experience knows the pain, confusion, anger, and disappointment it causes.   Read More
A Mother's Love
by Theresa Golden on September 29th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Recently, I was talking with a new mother. When she found out that I have three children of my own, she shared that she has often thought about when she and her husband might have another child at some point and how she can’t imagine loving anyone else as much as she loves her baby. I could relate.   Read More
What a Blessing
by Theresa Golden on September 27th, 2023
By Pastor Scott Conner: My grandfather, on my mother’s side, was an incredible father-figure to me. When I was young (approximately 8-10), my mother and I spent our summers with him and my grandmother while my dad was away in military service.   Read More
The Anchor That Holds
by Elliotte Pearson on September 25th, 2023
By Elliotte Pearson: I started running track when I was about 5-6 years old. I liked to run fast. I only knew one speed, wide-open. I only knew one distance…short. I did not like to run long distances, and I still don’t. I like to run short distances very fast, and then I want to be done.  Read More