Free to Commune

The simplicity of the elements, the bread and the wine. The complexity of what Jesus really did when His body was broken for me. Nearly every verse I read in the book of Hebrews points me back to those things and reminds me of the power of communion and remembering what Jesus did. He came to earth in flesh so He could walk through the same things that I do. He was broken so I could be made whole. His blood was poured out so I could be made righteous. He became our High Priest so we could freely enter the presence of God.

READ: Hebrews 4:14-16 and Romans 8:34

Communion reminds me that Jesus is the one interceding for me, not me. He is our High Priest that is standing in the gap for me. We have nothing to prove to God or no need to earn our own  salvation. Jesus has already paid the ultimate price and is currently sitting at the right hand of the Father on my behalf. I don’t have to strive. I don’t have to achieve for God. I just get to be. I get to rest in His presence freely and enjoy Him. Even writing this makes me take a deep breath and allow the pressures of this world to fall away. 

JOURNAL: What is an area in your life where you’re striving really hard for God?

Jesus came to earth in flesh so He could walk in our shoes. Whatever it is you’re trying to prop up on your own strength, He knows how it feels. Jesus understands the weight of this life, and He wants to carry it for you. He is filled with compassion for you and loves you more than you could ever ask, dream, or imagine. 

Take a moment to grab bread and juice (water and a cracker or a bagel and orange juice will work!) and take communion. Remember how good and kind our God is for sending Jesus. Remember that we no longer have to work to earn God’s favor, but it is freely given.

PRAYER: Father, thank You for sending Your son Jesus to become our High Priest. Thank You for creating a way for me to enter freely and boldly into Your presence. Today, I remember the humanity of Jesus, how He walked the earth just like me so He knows everything I’ve walked through and has so much compassion for me. I remember the blood that was shed for me so I could be made righteous. I am thankful that because of the blood of Jesus I am no longer separated from God’s presence. Jesus, because of what You did for me, I release the need to try to earn favor from God today. I recognize that there is nothing that I can do to earn my salvation, instead it is a free gift from You because You love me. Thank You. Amen.
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