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Waiting for the Promise
by Rachael Wynne on February 19th, 2024
By Rachael Wynne: So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. - Galatians 6:9 NLT Galatians 6:9 is one of those verses that is much easier said than done. It’s easy to be obedient and faithful right after we receive a word or direction from God, but what happens when days of waiting turn into months or years?   Read More
When God Asks You to Wait
by Theresa Golden on February 16th, 2024
By Theresa Golden: “The best things come to those who wait.” You may have heard that phrase a time or two, and maybe you’ve even said it yourself.   Read More
The God of Abraham, Isaac, Oh and Jacob Too
by Steve Miller on February 14th, 2024
By Steve Miller: When we look at the origin story of our faith, we often come to three names: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. All three of these men have stories attached to their names.   Read More
Keep Digging
by Gina Robinson on February 12th, 2024
By Pastor Gina Robinson: In Genesis 26:1- 4, God appears to Isaac, tells him what to do, and then leaves him with a promise. Notice that God doesn't reveal every little detail to Isaac .   Read More
One Small Step
by Theresa Golden on February 9th, 2024
By Theresa Golden: Do you often wonder if God has a purpose for your life? Are there days when you feel like you aren’t being effective for Him? Sometimes we feel this way when we don’t know His plan...  Read More
How Are You Waiting?
by Jake Haggard on February 7th, 2024
By Jake Haggard: No one wants to wait. Waiting has to be one of the most difficult aspects of humanity, but it is innately human. Everyone has to wait at some point or another.   Read More
Exhausted Faith
by Miranda Braden on February 5th, 2024
By Miranda Braden: “The Lord took Abram outside and said to him, “Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have.” - Genesis 15:5 So with that promise from God, Abram and Sarai had believed they would have a son soon...  Read More
Faith in the Unfamiliar
by Theresa Golden on February 2nd, 2024
By Theresa Golden: “Faith is often birthed in the unfamiliar.” - Pastor Mike Adkins This principle has always rung true in my life, and maybe it has in yours too. Have you noticed how relaxed we often get when we are comfortable?   Read More
Am I Going the Right Way?
by Meghen Haggard on January 31st, 2024
By Meghen Haggard: Like most, the two years leading up to my high school graduation were challenging - for many reasons. I am grateful to have grown up in the Church and in Christian schools, but the questions being asked to my seventeen and eighteen-year-old-self felt pretty weighty.   Read More
Not Bound by Region, Building, or Job
by Pate Leigh on January 29th, 2024
By Pate Leigh: In today’s climate, it’s easy to get caught up in our occupations. From an early age, we’re told we have to grow up, learn how to do something specific so that we can go out and make money to provide for our families and then send our kids off to school so the cycle can continue.  Read More
Sustainable Faith
by Theresa Golden on January 26th, 2024
By Theresa Golden: Conference is over, and everyone is riding on a high, much like that Youth Camp high we remember all too well....  Read More
Reignite the Flame
by Christy Hubbard on January 24th, 2024
By Christy Hubbard: What feelings arose in you when you fell in love with Christ? Excitement, curiosity, confusion, nervousness?   Read More
Return to the First
by Mike Adkins on January 22nd, 2024
By Pastor Mike Adkins: One of the major themes from Conference this year is found in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus praises the church for its discernment and patient endurance; however, in verse four of chapter two, He mentions a complaint He has with the church of Ephesus.   Read More
Open Our Ears
by Joy Kimbril on January 19th, 2024
By Joy Kimbril: A new year always inspires new resolutions and goals for the coming year. I haven’t really made resolutions in the last couple of years, but I did set some goals.  Read More
Why Do We Exercise?
by Scott Conner on January 17th, 2024
By Pastor Scott Conner: Why do we exercise? I knew that would get your attention quicker than if I asked, “Why do we fast?” The answer is pretty much the same to both questions.   Read More
How Do You Stir Up Spiritual Hunger?
by Aaron Kennedy on January 15th, 2024
Pastor Aaron Kennedy: We know the Bible says that we are blessed if we hunger, but the bigger question that comes to mind is how do we stir spiritual hunger in our lives? I know of only a few ways to do so; and as we turn the page and start a new year, my heart is longing to stir a hunger for God, fresh and new.  Read More
Religion or Relationship
by Steve Miller on January 12th, 2024
By Steve Miller: When I was growing up, I always believed that prayer and fasting were things that you did when you needed something. I only prayed when I needed help or arrived at a time in the day when I usually prayed, most often before meals and at bedtime. I never really fasted until later in life, but the motivation was the same.  Read More
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
by Mary Beth Barefoot on January 10th, 2024
By Mary Beth Barefoot: As we turn the corner into 2024, which is wild to even think about if I’m honest, I’ve found myself focusing on how grateful I am for God and His sovereignty, for Jesus and the sacrificial compassion shown toward me as a believer, and for the provision and assurance of the Holy Spirit in my life.  Read More
King of My Heart
by Elliotte Pearson on January 8th, 2024
By Elder Elliotte Pearson: The New Year usually brings about new beginnings, people making resolutions, clearing out the old, and bringing in the new. Back in high school, I made a resolution that I would never make another resolution again, and I have kept that.   Read More
Keep Trying Again
by Theresa Golden on January 5th, 2024
By Theresa Golden: As we close out the first week of 2024, maybe it hasn’t gone quite as well as you planned. We have such high expectations for this fresh start.   Read More
This Year...
by Nikki Bailey on January 3rd, 2024
By Pastor Nikki Bailey: Google says that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. In fact, research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolutions by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.  Read More
Who is God to Me?
by Rachael Wynne on January 1st, 2024
By Rachel Wynne: As we step into the grace of the new year, there is excitement about what the future holds. We plan and set goals about who we want to be in the coming year. It is also a valuable time of reflection. What did we learn this year?  Read More
Year-End Reflections
by Theresa Golden on December 29th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: As I close out each year, I find myself reflecting on all that has transpired over the past 365 days: the good, the bad, the happy, the sad…and the moments that don’t really fit into any one category. Every single moment served a purpose...  Read More
When There Is No Precedent
by Tyler Braden on December 27th, 2023
By Pastor Tyler Braden: As we walk through the Christmas season, I tend to think about the story of Jesus' birth. You may be thinking, “Duh We all do.” But I tend to think a lot about how cool and how weird of an experience that all must have been. You have angels coming down talking to folks, a king that is trying to kill all the babies, a pregnant virgin, and the Messiah being born outside and laid in a manger.  Read More
A Christmas Day Celebration
by Steve Miller on December 25th, 2023
By Steve Miller: Today we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, the King According to the Advent calendar, a lot of churches and church gatherings will light the Christ candle today, signifying the coming of Jesus Christ. In order to truly understand how special a day this is, we need to take on some context....  Read More
All I Want for Christmas is Joy
by Theresa Golden on December 22nd, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Remember when you were young? The magic of Christmas filled the air. Nothing could match the anticipation we had as we counted down the days until Christmas. It was a special time of year…and still can be!  Read More
Generous Forgiveness
by Miranda Braden on December 20th, 2023
By Miranda Braden: How quick are you to forgive? Are you generous with your forgiveness, or does it take you a few days or weeks? Hopefully, not months. I'm not going to beat around the bush with you. I struggle with this...  Read More
The Best Business Card I Ever Received
by Aaron Kennedy on December 18th, 2023
By Pastor Aaron Kennedy: I was stunned when he handed it to me with the instruction that simply stated, “Aaron, do this consistently, and it will help.”  Read More
Peace You Don't Have to Fake
by Theresa Golden on December 15th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Life will throw us curve balls - unexpected news, trials, and tragedy. How can we have true Peace in the middle of the storm?   Read More
What Does "Content" Even Mean?
by Pate Leigh on December 13th, 2023
By Pate Leigh: Just a few nights ago, my wife asked me when I feel the most content. I had to ponder that question because it’s not something I think about very often. What does “content” even mean?  Read More
A Peace I Don't Understand
by Jake Haggard on December 11th, 2023
By Jake Haggard: I think we have the idea of peace wrong. This is probably because we often only think about peace when we are in the middle of conflict....  Read More
Hope in the Middle of Grief
by Theresa Golden on December 8th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: While the holiday season is often called "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," it can be a difficult time for many. The absence of loved ones, the feeling of loneliness, pain, and grief, can often be felt more acutely during this season, but there is always Hope in Jesus....  Read More
Everyday Hope
by Meghen Haggard on December 6th, 2023
By Meghen Haggard: Advent is one of my favorite times of the year in the Church! For Christians, this time is more than presents and decorations. It's this beautiful season where we wait, anticipate, and prepare for the celebration of Jesus's birth.  Read More
The Good Shepherd
by Mike Adkins on December 4th, 2023
By Pastor Mike Adkins: As we approach Advent, a time where Christians around the world celebrate and reflect on the birth of Christ, one of the most striking descriptions to me of our Lord is that of a shepherd.  Read More
The Promise Keeper
by Theresa Golden on December 1st, 2023
By Theresa Golden: In days gone by, an oath could be sealed with a handshake; a gentleman’s agreement was binding by trust and respect.   Read More
Jesus, Our High Priest
by Joy Kimbril on November 29th, 2023
By Joy Kimbril: During the series on Hebrews, I wanted to read through the book of Hebrews along with the messages. As I was reading, I purposed to choose at least one verse from each chapter that stood out to me.  Read More
The Faith Chapter
by Christy Hubbard on November 27th, 2023
By Christy Hubbard: I once heard Hebrews 11 called “The Faith Chapter.” Hebrews 11:1 is one of the first verses that stuck with me when I recommitted my life to Christ as a young adult.   Read More
Thank You, God
by Theresa Golden on November 24th, 2023
By Theresa Golden: Thanksgiving is a truly special time of year. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. Unlike Christmas, it’s not about being thankful for what we are given; it’s about being thankful for what we already have. And we have been given so much.  Read More
Passing the Baton
by Scott Conner on November 22nd, 2023
By Pastor Scott Conner: I was reminded at our TFAC meeting this week that a part of my ministry at Opendoor is to lean into the lives of younger staff and volunteers to encourage and train them to take on a greater portion of the ministry of the Opendoor family.   Read More
By Faith
by Elliotte Pearson on November 20th, 2023
By Elliotte Pearson: Hebrews Chapter 11 is considered the “faith chapter.” We start with a definition of what faith is and then we have examples of what that looks like throughout the Old Testament.   Read More