Unity In Community

Read: 1 Samuel 24

As I read through 1 Samuel 24, I immediately see how important it is that we have communication in relationships, not just communication between us as people but also communication between us and God. After David found Saul in a vulnerable place, he then approached Saul and asked in verse 9, “Why are you listening to other people that tell lies about me?” David goes on to refute those lies and set the record straight. David was never out to get Saul. What was once a flourishing relationship turned sour because of a mix of miscommunication and unfortunate events. David finally mustered up the courage to confront his so-called “enemy” to set the record straight and tell his side of the story.

More often than not, in our own lives, we tend to shy away from confrontation. Yes, it is easier to just avoid it all together, but there is also a lot of growth that we are missing when we don’t embrace healthy conflict. Far too many relationships have fallen apart because of simple misunderstandings. Because of false information from friends, Saul thought David was after him. All of this could have been avoided if Saul had simply gone to David and asked him about it.

When we chase after unity with our community, God blesses it. In verse 10, David says that the Lord delivered Saul into his hand. God was an active part in that confrontation. When we desire unity, God can help us achieve that through the Holy Spirit. God appoints moments to have conversations with people, and He gives us the words and the tools to be able to have healthy confrontation if we are submitted to unity in Christ. 

So with all that in mind, here are some things I’m processing, and I’d invite you to do the same. 

Journal: Who do I need to have conversations with? What relationships have gone sour simply because we haven’t talked in a while and I’m assuming the worst? 

Maybe that’s what happens in my relationship with God because I’ve been too afraid to be honest with how I’m feeling. God can handle my raw emotion. 

Journal: What parts of my life are not submitted to unity in God? 

Activation: If there is a relationship that needs some healthy confrontation or even just a conversation, schedule time with that person this week and find unity in community with them.

Prayer: Ask God to reveal any part of you that isn’t in unity with Him, that He would help you trust Him more with all of who you are and not just the put-together parts. Secondly, ask God to be involved in these confrontations. Ordain times for us to meet with people. Give us the words and the tools to operate out of truth and love.
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