In the message series artwork for David, you can see that there are 6 disco balls, all reflecting on a background of green. While some of the disco balls remain intact, some are breaking down. There is one disco ball for each of the big moments that we are discussing in this series.

Disco balls are not only iconic, just like David, but the design of a disco ball is such wonderful symbolism in comparison to the life of David. See, a disco ball does not need to be plugged into anything and is not reliant on an electric source in order to do what it’s designed to do. However, it is not self-sufficient but requires one thing: light.

Similarly in David's life, we see that he is defined in 1 Samuel 13 as being a man after God’s own heart. At his best and at his worst, he was not self-sufficient; he was completely dependent on the Lord. That  is what allowed his life to reflect the glory and goodness of the Lord in both greatness and in repentance. Some moments are more reflective than others, but the Lord used all of them.

Our lives are the same. He doesn’t need perfection, but He does desire dependency on Him. This brings us to the question of how we become less self-dependent and more dependent on the Lord. The answer is simple and just like the graphic: one individual moment at a time.

Journal: When was a time that I saw the Lord do what only He could do?

When I was six weeks pregnant with twins, I remember crying to the Lord and feeling completely defeated, overwhelmed, and hopeless. I already had a two-year-old, and I knew just how many moments throughout the day in a toddler’s life that need love and attention. It was going to be impossible to catch every moment for three kids. I didn’t even have enough hands for this let alone emotional bandwidth! How was I going to see, know, and catch the moments that really impact and matter to their individual little souls, to know how to communicate uniquely to each child in a way that they will understand?

The answer was surprisingly simple; I can’t. I can’t be wise enough, strong enough, creative enough, thoughtful enough, or present enough to be enough for all three girls. Thankfully, I'm not called to be enough; I'm simply called to reflect the one who is. When I am dependent on Him, listening for His voice in conversations, pivoting based on His direction, pausing at His tensions, and repenting of convictions I am reflecting one moment at a time.

Journal: What is an area in my life that I am striving in? Am I striving to be enough?

Prayer: Father I release the strive and the stress. I don't have it all figured out, and I'm so thankful that I don't have to. You are more than enough. Father, give me wisdom to know what I don't understand, perspective to see what I can't, and direction to move where You are leading.  I trust You; I rest in You.
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