Let's Face It

Some things don’t concern us until our perspective changes, but it should have been concerning all along. We must confront unhealthy things in our lives so we can live the life that God has for us and those who come behind us can live a healthy life as well.

When I became a mother, many things changed; it wasn’t even something I consciously did. Prior to giving birth to my oldest son, I never wore my seatbelt. It just wasn’t something I thought about. Maybe it was the time in which I lived or maybe it was my own ignorance. I’d hop in the car and take off, usually in a hurry and too busy to take the time. It was reckless, but it had become a bad habit.

Then one day, I became a mother. I don’t remember deciding to be more careful, but I subconsciously did it anyway. Suddenly, I hopped in the car and instinctively grabbed my seat belt, threw my arm out to shield the passenger by my side, began wearing sunscreen, checking product labels, and many other things. My perspective had changed, but the danger had not. However, it wasn’t just about me anymore. Someone depended on me for food, care, and love. I had to be there for him, and I wanted to be there too. The choices I made greatly impacted those around me. Therefore, I confronted the unhealthy habits I had so I could keep my family safe and set a better example.

David made a lot of choices in his life that greatly impacted those around him. From Uzzah (2 Samuel 6) to Bathsheba and Uriah (2 Samuel 11), from his children (2 Samuel 12-13) to 70, 000 Israelites (2 Samuel 24), many suffered because of David’s sin. But God met him in every moment and held him accountable for what he had done. David had to confront the sin in his life if he ever hoped to find redemption and leave a healthy legacy for his family.

The life of David is a roller coaster; throughout 2 Samuel, we see the good and the bad. But despite the ups and downs of his circumstances, one thing always remained true. God loved him very much, and everything He did was to help David grow in a healthy way. By submitting to God and His will, even when it hurt, David left a mighty legacy as a man after God’s own heart.

Journal: What is something unhealthy that you need to confront in your life? Maybe it doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone right now, but it goes against what you know God wants for your life and could impact you and others for generations to come.

Activation/Prayer: Ask God to help you confront these unhealthy habits/sins in your life and replace them with healthy habits/practices. Write your prayer down and revisit it in the weeks to come to hold yourself accountable to continue working towards the life that God has for you.
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