Opendoor Youth Camp: Day #1

Whether you are in a season of transitioning out of school or school feels like a never-ending tunnel, no time is ever wasted with God. This year at Youth Camp, we want to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, and we don’t want to waste any time either. Right now, you are on a bus riding to camp. This may seem like dead time, a time of anticipation or boredom; but with God, this does not have to be wasted time. God wants to use this time on this bus to prepare you for what He will do in your life this week. Lean in. Ask the Spirit right now to soften your heart. Many are coming into camp with distractions. Pressures of life are weighing heavy on your mind. You miss your friends and family who aren’t with you. These are real things, but if we allow Him, the Holy Spirit will bring a grace for all of life’s outside distractions. This week is just getting started, and God is just getting started. Hopefully, you will look back on this week and know that God was with you, and He started something that changed the course of your life forever.

God, soften my heart. Allow me to put away all outside pressures and distractions and lean into the Holy Spirit. I want to hear from You this week, and I know You speak in a whisper. Please help all other noises to quiet so that I can hear from You.

Have some fun on the bus ride. Put your phone away and get to know the people around you.
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