Opendoor Youth Camp: Day #5

Wow, what a week it’s been! There is nothing quite like getting away for a week and being in what I call a “Jesus Bubble.” In the bubble, there really isn’t much to think about except what is God saying, are we going to win the Golden J, and does Buck’s have any more campuccinos?
What just happened to you and why you feel so different is you had an encounter with your Creator. You had a week where God was dealing with things in your heart and speaking identity over you. You met with God this week. Think about it like this. The Creator of the universe came and met with you. He spoke life over you and spent time with you. It’s a pretty humbling thought to know that God desires you that much. I believe this week was a marking moment for you. A week where everything changed!

I’ve been doing camps now for 11 years. One fear I see with students every year is, “I don’t want to go back. I want it to stick this time, and I am afraid to go back home because I will go back to my old life.”

Look, I get it! I remember being in your shoes and thinking the same thing. First thing we need to remember is that fear is not from God. The enemy wants to do everything he can to keep you paralyzed in fear. The Biblical definition of fear is that Satan is lying to you about the worst possible case scenario for that situation.

So in this section, I want to help you take some next steps. Reality is that this week you’ve been in a bubble, and now you’re going back to the real world. BUT that’s the whole point of camp. We don’t want to be hidden away forever because the world doesn’t change unless you take the light God has given you to extinguish the darkness. This is what you were made for!

  • What is one thing God spoke to you about your identity this week? (i.e. I am not my past, I am a new creation. I am bold. I am beautiful. etc..)
  • What is one promise God spoke to you this week? (i.e. He is always with you. He will protect you and fight for you, etc..)
  • How did God tell you to lay your life down for His purpose this week? (i.e. Start a Bible study at school or with your football team. Begin serving at church. etc..)
  • Does anything need to change with your friend groups back home? If so, what?
  • First, name a leader you would like to be accountable with. Now, how can you stay connected with your leader so they can help you in your walk with Jesus?
  • Great job! Those questions take some thinking and humility to answer.

Now I want to share some tips to help you when your feet land back at home.

One thing that will change your life is developing healthy rhythms. Make a choice right now to be consistent in your pursuit of Jesus. Read your Bible daily. Turn some worship music on and get into His presence. Consistency is so undervalued, but it is the one thing that will change your life!

Bible Reading Tip: Read one chapter a day. Start in the Gospel of John then read through the New Testament. Read and write down something that stands out to you each day.
There is a reason that Scripture tells us not to forget about the gathering of believers. Church is there to help believers grow and mature in Christ. Get connected at Youth and be a part of the life of your church. Show up consistently because it is valuable.

Personally, I would not be where I am today without allowing someone to have access into my life and opening my heart to them. I need someone to speak hard truths to me and encourage me. Find a leader to be accountable to and pursue them.

This week, we frequently heard that if you will lay down your life for Christ, you will find life. This is a promise from God. We were created not just to receive but to give. Why? Because we were made in God’s image, and God is a giver (He gave Jesus). Commit your life to His purpose and serve Him. It will change everything because you’ll be living according to His design for you.

I heard a wise man once say, “Show me your five closest friends, and I will show you where you’ll be in five years.” The company you keep will either corrupt you or make you better. There is no such thing as stagnant relationships. We’re either going forward or backward. Are the friends in your life pushing you closer to Jesus? If not, maybe something needs to change. You don’t have to be mean to change relationships. You just don’t have to be besties.

You’re not going to be perfect on this journey. Don’t allow the enemy to trick you and shame you when you fall down. Accept this truth: YOU WILL MESS UP. It’s not about “if” you will make a mistake. It’s about what you’re going to do when you do. When you fall, get up quickly. Repent to the Lord, talk to your accountability, and shake it off. We’ve got too much to do for us to stay down.

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