Pinterest Comes To Life

Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb.
Revelation 19:9
It was the most beautiful day. As my daughter, Chelsea, gazed out the window, she saw her dreams become a reality. Both antique and vintage pieces of furniture were strategically placed for easy conversation and gathering throughout the courtyard. Vases with individual flowers, full of the colors she had chosen, sat on tables that complimented the theme of the wedding celebration. Guest seating was positioned under a rich, handsome pecan tree that cooled those in attendance from the clear and sunny sky, and a beautiful wooden cross, made by her Daddy and requested by her, stood where she would meet her groom to start their life together.  

Chelsea said, “This is Pinterest that has come to life.”

It was perfect.

I can still hear the song sung by a dear friend as my daughter walked down the rich, green-grassed aisle with her Father, “Hallelujah Here Below.” The lyrics proclaimed,  “Jesus Christ our King enthroned. All the praise is Yours forevermore.  Hallelujah here below. All the praise is Yours forevermore.”

On the day of the wedding, they had only heard each other’s voices and felt a touch before the actual ceremony. The moment they had been waiting for all day was finally here. When their eyes finally met as Chelsea walked the aisle, nothing else mattered but the love that the two of them shared and their future together. Face to face and hand in hand, together their future was bright.

Weddings are holy moments. It’s a reflection of Jesus and His bride, the church. We see in Matthew 22:1-14 that everyone is invited to the marriage banquet of celebration, and all that willfully come will have a feast like we’ve never seen. We are also told in John 14 that Jesus is preparing a place for His bride and that one day He will come back and take those that have chosen Jesus to be with Him forever.

Oh what a day, friends, that will be. The day that we will actually see Jesus face to face will be the day that we will receive all that God has planned for us. Peace, laughter, love, genuine worship, and beauty, His infinite presence, and the absence of tears. We will rejoice, for His light has come, and we will be the family He has dreamed about for all eternity. 

JOURNAL: Spend time journaling about your love for Him, His faithfulness to you, and dream with Him about the day that you will actually see Jesus face to face. What do you see? What do you smell? What will He be like?  What will He say to you? What will you say to Him?

Allow God to speak to you about that day and all that He has prepared for you.  I wish I could read over your shoulder as you write today, but there are some things that are meant to be private and personal. Have a great time in His presence, dear one. What a glimpse of heaven your time will be and what a day, what a glorious day, that will be.
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