Between Miracles

Recently, I caught myself praying, “God, does this really matter to you?” Sometimes, I can pray for what I assume is a pretty small prayer on a God-sized scale. I found myself wondering if He really cares about the small details of my life. I can imagine Ruth thinking the same thing. Did God really mind if she went back home to her homeland? Was He with her when she walked the fields picking up the leftover grain?

I know so many people believing God, at this moment, for miracles, life-altering miracles. For Ruth, meeting Boaz was a life-altering miracle, but so was being able to feed her family with the leftover grain. Does He really pay attention to the tiny requests BETWEEN THE MIRACLES? Yes, and He didn’t answer me right away; but when He did, He poked through the hard places in my heart and made sure I didn’t forget it.

Living so far from family is hard, especially during special occasions. So when Ava told me she wanted to get Water Baptized, my first thought was that I wished we had family here for her big day. I wanted this day to be special. 

And God being the “in the details” God I’m learning that He is, He orchestrated a sweet surprise using my husband’s Dad and Step-Mom. They won a trip closeby and were planning to stop in town on their way to a last minute mini-vaca, for one night only, on Ava’s Baptism night.

This may seem so small, but I needed a reminder that He actually cares about what I care about. Soon after, we realized that 8 years ago on the same day of her Water Baptism, we had Ava dedicated at church, TO THE DAY.

The in-between is just as important to Him as the BIG miracles we are praying for. If it is important to you, it is important to Him. While you are in the mundane, “gathering the grain,” He is orchestrating things for you on your behalf!

JOURNAL: Write down one or two ways God has been in the details of your life. Remember, it's never too small to write down!

PRAYER: Read Psalms 36:5-10 as a prayer out loud to Him
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Ashley - April 5th, 2024 at 4:28am

It amazes me how God, who is so great that he created the entire universe, cares about each and every thing that is important to His children. Thank you for this reminder today! It is important to look for God walking with us in the in between.

What a special day for so many reasons!