Relational Equity

We all crave relationships and have a desire to be in community with others. Why does it often feel so hard? It’s no secret that relationships are complicated! As we read through the story of Ruth, I am amazed at how well she is received by others. She found favor with her mother-in-law and also a respectable man who agreed to marry her. What is her secret? I want that kind of relational favor in my own life!

READ: Ruth 2:11-17 

There was so much relational equity built between Ruth and Boaz during their exchange in these verses. They both offered immense kindness and humility to each other. Boaz acknowledged Ruth’s sacrifice and her hard work, and Ruth responded with humility and gratitude. It was because of their gentleness toward each other that trust was built. There was favor found with one another and with God as they treated each other with kindness and loyalty. These characteristics impacted more than just Ruth and Boaz; it also impacted generations to come.

READ: Proverbs 3:3-4

These verses were written by King Solomon, who happens to be Ruth’s great-great grandson. Knowing this prompts the question, did Ruth’s kindness and humility influence the wisdom that King Solomon wrote in Proverbs generations later? Did her character impact all the generations that followed her? If that is even possibly true, then I want to be known as a person that is full of loyalty and kindness, not just for my own relationships but for the legacy that is left for the generations to come.

These relational virtues are difficult to live out, but they are ones that reflect the way that God relates with us. If the God of the universe can treat us with kindness, then we should be able to treat each other the same way. Relationships may not be easy, but the Bible is clear about the characteristics that allow us to find favor with others and God!

JOURNAL: Is there a way God is leading you to incorporate more kindness, loyalty, or humility into your own relationships?

PRAY: Father, thank You for the kindness and gentleness You extend to me. Show me how to treat others with the same kindness and favor You have shown me. Help me to approach all of my relationships the way that You approach me so others can see You in me. I want my life and relationships to be a reflection of You. Amen.

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